Monday, July 23, 2012

Berry picking!

The raspberries this year are simply amazing!!  The mosquito population must agree, because we are quite popular when there are berries to be picked!  There are so many it is ridiculous.
We have an area on our land that was logged a few years ago, if you live in the northwoods, or maybe elsewhere, you know that wild raspberries frequently show up a couple years after this type of event.  

So we have a bumper crop this year.  And it seems such a shame not to pick them!  
The Mad-Accountant  and I revisit childhood at this time of the year.  Memories of Grandpa Bruch abound and some of the adventures they had together.  I recall the berry picking and raspberries and cream that Grandma Oberley provided up in Walker, MN.  It is a precious time to remember for both of us.  AND the berries ROCK!!!!  

*****  NOTE:  these pix were taken with the iPhone and are not the best as lighting was a little lacking.  So the blur and lack of details is something I apologize for!
I walked out there but here is the berry picking "yoda"

And there are so many more to come!

Just an hour of picking and mosquito swatting produced this last week

The black berries are on fire, too!  The first picture you really can't see the berries, but the second one, you can see the branches laden with unripe fruit.  I don't like blackberries all that much, but a few are fine.

There is an awesome picture here, I just have to drag my camera out there and take a good one!

A JOY of summer time!!

**** Are you freaked out by the fact I posted while in MN????  HAHAHA  I have my ways!!!

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