Sunday, July 22, 2012

greens and beans- vegetarian style!

Yeah, I realize I am totally out of control!  

Regardless, I want to blog this cool recipe that was so fast and easy it was ridiculous.  I need fast and easy for when let's just say later in the year when I am much more stressed out and cranky at night.
Beet greens with baby beets
I just took the nearest available bunch of greens, which happened to be beet greens with a couple of tiny little beets attached and sauteéd them in the water still clinging to them from washing.

 I added garlic- fresh from the garden- along with redpepper flakes to the greens.  Let the flavors develop a little from the heat - which should be lowered.
 Meanwhile I took a can of cannelloni beans (white kidney beans), rinsed them a bunch to get rid of some of the salt and then lightly mashed them.  You can use any kind of beans.  At this point you could add anything else you wanted as well!  Left over veggies, onion, mushrooms, rice, maybe even marinara sauce, what have you!!  I just added water to loosen it up a little and then some Spike seasoning and fresh ground pepper.

Serve!  I added a little grated cheese, because I am a cheese fiend. This took all of 15 minutes- tops- to prepare!  It was yummy!!

And I think I figured it was about 300 calories, including the few tablespoons of cheese on top.
Beans and Greens

1 bunch of your favorite greens- kale, spinach, beet, whatever
1 can of beans or  1.5 cups dried and then prepared beans
redpepper flakes
water or vegetable broth
what have you for extra flavor!

Saute greens. Add garlic and red pepper flakes to greens when almost wilted and tender. Rinse and mash beans. Add to greens, season and enhance as desired!


What a joy!

SPECIAL thanks to my friend Christine for this awesome recipe!!!

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  1. That's how I cook too ~ Whatever is handy and in season works for me. Combos continue to change.
    'hugs from afar'