Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blerg..... I MUST BLOG SOON!!

MY GOODNESS---  I need to blog soon.  Of course, I realize a actually AM blogging right now,  don't be sassy.  I have been doing stuff like canoeing and weightlifting and walking and a little gardening and some sculpture work, and even **gasp** a little bit of house cleaning. Not to mention photography.  Again, I do realize I just mentioned it!! ahaha.  Ok, I know, not funny either.

Anywho- I have not been exactly whooping it up, but I have been enjoying my birthday month, as a whole!  So, this is a tide-me-over blogpost and here is a little taste of photography for you, mostly covers what I have been doing- being outside!  If I had a little  20# weight in one corner it would cover pretty much everything!

This is definitely my favorite time of the day- dawn!

Hope your summer is going great, keep having a joyful July!

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