Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Picture Time!!!!

Oh how I love to share these photos with you.  I did a cool combo of things this past week, the MA and I went canoeing one day- down the Flambeau into town and came to  the Hwy13 bridge, and returned to Smith Lake again.  The next day, I got dropped off by the intersection of B and Hwy 70, and so went over one of the bridges that I had just photographed the night before.  The weather was very similar- the sun is really warm, but the breeze has been cool and it was very comfortable in the shade. It was a pretty awesome week, weather-wise.

 I have ROCKING photo project going on right now, that I have to wait to tell you all about.  I can't even show you the pictures for reasons you will eventually find out!  I'm so excited!!!  There are one or two of my dear readers/lurkers who know what it is, so you just hush!!  Lol  ;)

Let me present a selection of photos from the past week or so.  Many of them are from the canoeing we have done, some from my walking.....

This boater is about in the place I took the next picture- the day before!!  (catch all that?)

I LOVE the juxtaposition of the  solid, architectural lines of the bridge against the ever changing fluidity of the water

Looking to the east off of the bridge
Someone came for a ride with us!
Beautiful scenery again!

So quiet and still for a river!
Life is good!

Fisherman close up

Hilgart farm

Cute little barn on Hwy B

Couldn't get super close, but this isn't too bad

Another zen evening

Hwy 13 dam on the Flambeau

Aggie's big rock

Lily pads
We also went canoeing on Schnur Lake last Sunday night.  Got a couple photos of my dear friend Luann's place!  And of course some beautiful clouds floated into view....

Smith Lake swimming beach from shore

Late evening shot of the clouds

Lola in her glory
So this is round 1 of the photos, I have some more random ones to post, but not tonight- too tired!!

Hope you enjoy these canoeing and cloud photos, may they bring you a little joy!

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