Saturday, July 14, 2012

Photos again

 I noticed that I had lots of pix that didn't seem to fit into my particular blogging posts, so here is a grouping of things that I like that have no category exactly.  I feel like there are more, but I haven't laid my eyes on them, yet....  I will continue searching!

I have found a new obsession with an app on my iPhone called instagram.  It is sort of a social network for photographers and casual picture takers alike.  It is a lot of fun to participate in and takes so little time to do it!  Some of these pix are from my Instagram interactions.

just look up
Loves me

Power lines- if you can't beat them, photograph them!

birdhouse on the river

shades of monet

speckled skies

Streaks and stripes

watering can theme and variation



Day lily

Amazing morning

Sunrise in the mist

Hello favorite tree

water lilies- yet another Monet reference! 

Purposeful misfocus

evening vista
I have the seed of an idea here all of a sudden.  Stayed tuned!

Until next time, be a joy giver!  And love the summer you are in!

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