Sunday, July 29, 2012

Boundary waters: False starts and hesitation

I am not sure how to progress in this story.  I could do this by day, I could do this by subject, I could do this by campsite......  so many ways.  So hard to choose.

Breath-taking sunset - belies the miserable night sleep that followed!

Rose and Emily

Misty Morning

Oatmeal, baby!!

Amazing rocks

Towering trees

Pad Thai for supper

T-shirt printing

All bags of food came with inventive and amusing descriptions!
SO I will think about it a while, let it flow and until then here are a couple pix to get me started, and hopefully to find just the right angle!  Or at least one that will be entertaining.

And I hope you can find a little joy here!


  1. Bet you're glad those rocks weren't a portage entrance or exit :)

  2. My vote, go by subject. I bet that you'll be able to embellish details better by really digging into one subject at a time, as compared to campsite or day, which might restrict the story telling to time and hard facts.