Sunday, July 29, 2012

Here's the story..... of a sunny lady

Who's been working out so very very hard....
(sing this to the Brady Bunch song)
With one thing on her mind, a canoe trip,
that's even farther north!

So in order to avoid much pain and muscle peril
(I know there are some sketchy parts to this song- sue me)
She lifted weights and ran her knee to death.
But still she portaged everything  she needed
And kept up with all the rest!

The camping trip....The camping triiiiip
This is the beginning of the Debi camping trip!

Now wasn't that fun?

So in the spirit of the Brady Bunch, I will introduce you to the cast of characters which are sort of loosely divided into a couple families.

First there is our fearless leader- Pat!

Pat is claimed by all of the represented families.  He found lots of similarities and many ways to connect with us.  He is a vegetarian (yay us!!!), he comes from a family of 5 children- as in that is how many children Penny has, he is from the twin cities area, like Rose and Penny.  He loves artsy people!!!  Yay me and Penny and Rose and Emily and Nathan!  And Pat.  He is patient beyond belief and has discovered how nice it is to have 3 moms on a canoe trip, 2 of whom will move mountains and firewood to make themselves some nice coffee in the morning, no matter how much it has rained the night before!
Yay for coffee in the morning!!

The Meschke Family:

Penny and Nathan-

The Kutz girls, aka the Frazier Family and the Mad-Art teacher!-

Rose, Emily and Debi-

There are also a couple of other groups here- first of all the boys!  They hung out together a bit and were pretty funny and had occasional fits of silliness!

AND of course there are the personality twins- Penny and Debi  We are art people, photographers and I guess you could say outgoing??

See the third foot? That is Penny trying to help me float!

The giggling and laughing was pervasive!

Yay for coffee!!!

Canoeing partner

Matching pink thumbs for our "injuries".  My pink thumb is clean, because I had just lost the dirty one....
We also had a few different canoeing partners!

Pat and I began together, couldn't stay together!  I was needed elsewhere!

Rose and Penny began together, but I ended up switching canoes with Rose

Emily and Nathan mostly canoed together!  

Canoed together later in the week!  We rocked it OUT!

Awesome partners. Emily canoed like a pro by the end of the trip.  she did GREAT!  And so did Nate!

Rose and Pat were good partners!

We got a lot of chatting in!  :)
There was another family who was supposed to go on the trip with us, but they unfortunately were unable to come.  That did give us a little extra room for an ART PACK!!  Yessiree, folks, we had a half a pack of art supplies..... go figure!  :)  And so the trip was named "Watercolor Mosaic" and also "Pat's Art Camp".

Painted mountain scene

Printing tshirts with leaves

Pat learning to print!

Printing tshirts on a sleep pad!

Using cedar to print

Pat's shirt


There is so much more to tell, but I am running out of time tonight and I am getting very sleepy.  The next installment to come tomorrow!

Until tomorrow, be a joy giver!

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