Monday, July 30, 2012

Maybe a little oversharing here!

However, this is meant for my Loseit peeps, so if you are NOT one of them, feel free to read this, but know that it is not a boundary waters post, per se!  That would be the next post down!!  and eventually up!

So, one of the goals of this trip was to really test my strength and endurance and I really did do that!  It was such a good time.  I found that I have lots of both of these things.  I also discovered that the trip helped me identify the way that food truly does fuel the body!  It sounds odd, but to feed yourself when you need the boost, to drink so much water when you really need it and actually feel your body use the nourishment to accomplish a task is amazing.  I felt so WEIRD eating such high fat and calorie foods.  But it was obviously needed, since I lost 1.6 pounds this week.  Which was a lot considering the percentage of my weight.  I am able to identify when I am truly hungry.  I really get it!  it was also interesting to eat those high calorie foods- like trail mix- in the environment in which they were intended.  I don't think that it is a great afternoon snack for a sit down job, but really worked well after canoeing for 1.5 hours, with another couple hours until lunch!  Interesting things to think about for me.

So for my own weight loss- I lost the 1.6 pounds, hit the amazing 70 lb weight loss total (WHAT????) and am only 6 pounds from my goal of 145.  I AM ONLY 1 POUND FROM MY DRIVERS LICENSE WEIGHT!!!  THIS IS EPIC PEOPLE!  When I do, I will share that story.

I also measured myself yesterday and I discovered a 29 inch waist.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!!  MORE from the land of EPIC.  I have few shorts that don't fall off me anymore!  :)  Guess I'll use a belt.

Well, I have to go to abs class, I will continue this with a boundary waters post later.

I can't believe that it is almost the end of birthday month!  Incredible.

Until later today, truly I mean it when I say be a joy-giver and smile!  hugs to all of you!

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