Thursday, July 5, 2012

Canoe trips

I have been really enjoying my practice canoe trips the last week or so.  We have made 2 more now, and have had to cancel a few b/c of wind/storms.  Which is fine, I don't HAVE to canoe in less that favorable conditions, at least not right now!  Anyway, I have been practicing using my waterproof bag with my camera.  It is a little awkward, but I am glad to have it.  It makes me somewhat less nervous and fearful being in the canoe.  My safety is not an issue, only my camera!!!

What we have here are some pictures from the trip we took up river on the Flambeau and then around Schnur's Lake.  I am loving the canoeing- I am seriously considering getting myself a kayak so I can go by myself.
My joy might be showing here!
I am going to mix up the pictures, but you can easily tell the difference between the lake and river pictures....

Peaceful evening

We came across Bev S. on her dock, she is a retired teacher I used to work with.  I loved seeing her, and she took the canoe pix of us.

Peaceful night
Easy sometimes to find some joy


  1. I sure recognize a lot of your pics...the river's view of the Koshak barn, the DeMars Bridge, the dock looks just like the one at my sisters on Schnurs Lake...but the ones of the two of you take me back to when we used to take river trips. The reflective peace at the end is my favorite. You really should frame that with one of the two of you in the canoe....sweet entry. Thanks for taking me back to the water.