Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cloud adventures

Yesterday was quite the cloudy day!!

It proved to be full of interesting cloud formations and we went through a lot of temperature changes, which probably accounts for the amazing sky displays.

The day started cool and sunny, warmed up a bit, changed to cloudy, turned into a freakishly weird cloud pattern, turned cool again, turned sunny, became HOT and HUMID, became less hot and humid, had huge thunderheads develop for me to observe, and then cooled off and a front came through with rain. Whew!  3 seasons in one day.  Well, it was a fabulous day for picture taking- I was so excited to wake up this morning so I could finish editing pictures and post this all in one spot.

The joys of having a smart phone is that you can send pictures to your favorite weather guy (Hi Justin!!), post pix on FaceBook, text a cool photo to a few friends (you 3 know who you are!) and then add some things to Instagram all from the comfort of the middle of the hay field!  Lol.  PLUS I had 2 other cameras with me to record the moments.  And yes, sometimes, I just sat and watched without a camera perched in front of my nose, so there!!!

So, sit back and enjoy the cloud bounty- the embarrassment of cloud riches- from yesterday.....

First, the Van Gogh Skies-

Next, the growing thunderheads ......

Next the storm coming from the other side.....

Two views of the incoming storm from the north....

And then the rains....

It takes a while to download and edit pix from three different cameras!!  :)

I hope you enjoyed the show, I wish you all could have been here to see it with me.  And enjoy the 30 degree drop in temperature in the afternoon.  That was quite spectacular as well!!

So many ways to record some joy!

Until next time be a joy giver!!!

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