Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 2 and better yet, July 3!!

I am thrilled to report a few things here.....

FIRST of all, I did not gain back 25 - 30 pounds by being FORCED into a 3 day rest period by the swelling of 2 knees. (thank you to those of you responsible for talking me off the ledge)  I was positive that it would happen, convinced that I would not be able to get back to walking and eventually running ever again.  Whew, I exhaust myself sometimes.  It turns out that this exercise thing keeps me stable and somewhat sane.  And certainly a joy-filled person.  Some might call me a whacko, but I prefer the word, unpredictable or perhaps,  capricious.....  I won't go so far as to say unstable but, how about the more creative implications of quirky, mercurial or unpredictable??  Those are nice words!!

Anyway, I was able to get myself BACK on track Monday and Tuesday and KILLED it at the gym.  In other words, I was pretty sore the next day after my workout.  I am so glad to feel like I accomplished something.  Monday I made the erratic decision of doing dance class, which turned out to be fine, though my knee was a little stiff the next day.  BAD DEBI!!!!  But I had to dance,  just HAD to.  And it was good.  This morning, thank HEAVEN I was able to walk for over an hour. No pain and I have rested off and on through the day, and it appears that I must be on my way to some sort of recovery.  Which is also good because I am sure all of my friends and relatives are becoming weary from all of my complaining.  This is the first time in 18 months that I was not pretty much able to exercise how I wanted, and it certainly freaked me out.  But I can see now that I will be able to get through occasional times in my life that might prevent me from being active, so this was a great learning experience.  I guess. I do not want to do this again for a long time!  Or even ever......seriously
Mon Ami, Annette!

Tuesday, I kicked off my July lunchtime and joy festivities by going over to Mincoqua.  I had planned to try on some active wear sandals for fit, but turns out there is no such animal there anymore.  Hmmm.Will have to consult the internet, I guess.  Oh well, got some good things at the Trig's grocery store there (I M Healthy!) and some other little this and thats.  But most importantly, Annette and I (my partner in crime for Tuesday) got to catch up and have lunch at the Island Cafe.  It took a little while to get served as the hand held device they now use for putting in orders to the kitchen must have gone awry.  Which makes sense, as we were not able to use the internet over there very well at all.  Regardless, the food is wonderful, they have a nice selection of vegetarian choices and the iced coffee was sublime!

Vegetarian Baguette and fruit
 Speaking of food, I have a couple great recipes to share.  But that will be a little later on.

HOWEVER, I'd like to know how I got through my whole entire life without having grilled peaches and pineapple??!!!  Those are the most tasty things that you can imagine.  wow.

Anyway, the MA and I went canoeing after dinner on the 3rd of July, over at Schnurs Lake.  The lovely Busby family was kind enough to allow us to borrow their canoe and entrance to the lake.  More pics to follow on that as well!!

Whew, I have a few things left to blog about, but it is too dang hot right now.

Hope this wonderful, patriotic day finds you all happy, cool, and full of joy!

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  1. Salad was great, Deb. Made black bean, corn, and quinoa salad today. Yum. Yesterday had eggplant, cheese and basil sandwich. On a roll here. Road trip A+. Thanks.