Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3 already??? Slow DOWN birthday month!!

I am sort of shocked I did not do a blog post yesterday!  I like to try and get at least one in a day during birthday month.

I was able to get to the gym, yesterday, which was fantastic.  After 3 days of enforced REST, I needed to get there.  I did abs class with Lori, which was felt great.  I left out one move that would have aggravated my knee.  Then I went out and did a lot of chest and triceps work.  YES!  It felt so good to do something.

So Sunday was the first day of birthday month and I will admit to sulking at least a good portion of the day.  I was not happy to not be able to get out and do what I want- as in walking for 6 miles or running.  After all this was not part of my plans!  So I want to say that my day began and ended with some communications that made my day.  I got no less than 3 "Happy Birthday Month" texts/emails in the morning, one very early, which really made my day start off in a nice way.  The rest of the day was fine, I got in a blog post, did a little of this and that, but mostly I felt sorry for myself.  I fed myself well, good food, stayed under budget, and then ended up going over by having a Margarita at night.  The Margarita was the really NICE thing I did for myself that day. I am so appreciative of finding the truly perfect margarita recipe, it is simple, delicious and perfect.

So later that night, as I was playing WORD with friends, I had a sweet friend of mine send me some fireworks for my birthday!  She lives in Canada, and she was watching fireworks, took the pix and sent them to me.  That was pretty awesome.


I am a very LUCKY girl!  I have wonderful friends.

Until next time, quit your whining and find your joy!!!

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