Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pull-ups or reinventing myself- yet again

I want to say that I was almost crying during my back workout today, and did tear up a little.  This is because I did something that I NEVER imagined I could- a simple pull-up.  Raise your hands if you thought you sucked in high school because you couldn't do a pushup, climb a rope, do a hand stand or head stand, do a cartwheel, run the dreaded 600 yd dash.... all with out f***ing training.  The more I think of it the more pissed off I get.  Did anyone in gym class work on gradual progression of pushups to get stronger to do the rope climb or do an interval run/walk to build up to the 600 yds?? NO!!!!  I guess just because you are under the age of 18 you should be strong and fast and able to leap a tall building with a single bound.

Anyway, I walked into the gym this morning, and Lori the gym owner and my dear dear friend- who I trust implicitly was holding the feet of a gal who does pullups every week  on her back day.  This is to stabilize the person who is working out so they don't swing all over.  Anyway, Lori asked what I was doing today and I said back and biceps and she said good, you can do pullups, too.  I said, I can't do pullups and she said sure you can.  I said ( and repeated many times) no, I can't do pullups.....

FLASHBACK:  HS- 1970 something- Debi stands at the pullup bar and vainly attempts a pullup and gets a 0 for not accomplishing the task of doing EVEN one.  And then tries to do the flexed arm hang and also basically FAILS with a hang of maybe .15 mili-seconds. Head hangs in shame as she walks away to another station of the Presdents physical fitness test to do badly...... UP YOUR PRES. FORD!!!  Ahem, oh, sorry, anyway, another flashback to a month ago at sister's gym and trying to do a pullup on the assisted pullup machine.  DID NOT GO WELL.  Felt like a failure - again- conclusion- Debi can not do pullups.  "WEAKLING- OBVIOUSLY"

So go back to this morning, and Debi is not only skeptical, but totally convinced that she is right.  Can not do a pull up.  Been proven.
So I plopped down my water bottle on the counter and walk over to the bar to prove to everyone that I can not do pullups, I will try but I will not succeed. This is seriously what I was thinking.  I hopped up on that step stool and grabbed the bar and looked at her.  She gave me instructions.  Hop up and pull yourself up to the bar, then let yourself down but not all the way.  Don't let your arms over extend down. She will grab my feet to keep me from swinging.  Hmmm.  fine

So I hopped up and then I pulled myself up for the first time- wow that must be Lori helping me by pushing up my feet, b/c that was easy. then I pulled up again and it was still easy.  I could feel her hands on my feet - still helping I'm sure.  Then I kept going- and finally I just thought I had better stop, because I think I had just done pullups!!!! 6 of them!!!!  And I could have done more. I immediately asked her if she helped me and she said technically she had because she touched my feet, but no, she did not push my feet up...... SERIOUSLY???

So I stood there shocked, and realized I did something I never expected to EVER do in my life.  I have crossed the line of where my formative years had put me and  have realized that you do not have to be what you expect of  yourself, you can be different than what you are expected to be.  Different than what everyone else expects you to be. And it is a wonderful thing.  Do NOT say you can't because you might be able to!!


I can't wait to see what I can't do, but really can, next!

Until next time, be a joy giver!

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