Wednesday, July 18, 2012

preparation part 1

I am going on a 7 day canoe trip to the Boundary waters in only a couple days!!  Sunday to be exact!  I was talking to the Mad-sistah Rose a little while ago, and we are making final preparations and plans.  We know mostly what we are and aren't going to take.  You all would have laughed as we definitely agreed that makeup, anything beyond basic hygiene and personal style will not be a concern..... that comfort for a 45+ year old body(shut up, I know how old I am)  is way more important than things, like, oh I don't know....  say FOOD or something!  We must have our sleep pad, our pillow and our canoe seat.  Our bodies, heads and butts just can't take the abuse any more.  I don't care if I eat, but baby, I sure as hell have to sleep at least a couple hours.  Or they will be helicoptering me out of there, just because they can't stand the crabbiness!  Lol.  Just kidding, I can take anything for a week.  We also enjoyed comparing how we are not thinking about any of this other than the fact that we are so NOT in charge and what a pleasant change of pace that will be!  And how we are doing our best to avoid JOY STEALERS!!!!  There will be no talk of anything unpleasant, like the weather or wild-life or anything else that I do not want to think about.  And of course we discussed the final trip or two to REI that needs to be made, my new personal favorite retail establishment!  Though I have to visit their online location or have the Mad-sistah go there for me, which of course she will!

It was an interesting conversation at any rate!  I was laughing at us, it was a hoot.  And now it is late and I have to go to bed, but I am starting this preparation posting, because we all know there will be more!!!

3 days to go!!!

I'll find some more joy tomorrow!

*They will have coffee won't they??????

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  1. Saw your note about needing a sleeping pad. I can't remember where I bought it, probably ebay, but this summer I picked up a new one. Here's the REI link:

    Not cheap, but, I like it a LOT. Suitable for backpacking or canoeing as it stuffs down pretty small. Much smaller than my previous thermarest or eureka pads.