Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fabulous Tuesday and preparation post 2

I had SUCH a good day on Tuesday!  What an awesome random birthday month day.
Lake Superior

I started off with that whole pullup thing!  That is a good way to start a Tuesday.  I wouldn't have ordinarily have been there at that early hour, but I needed to get my workout underway, as I was going to Ashland with my dear friend Cat.  First of all, I always try to get up to Lake Superior at least once during the summer.  Love seeing the lake, love the beautiful town of Ashland.  Anyway, I met her at the school parking lot in Glidden and up we went!

We had several errands to run and one included going to ahem- Walmart- for a little shopping.  I have great hopes for our new "Hometown Shopko" that is replacing the Pamida in Park Falls.  I sincerely hope that I can do much of my shopping in town and not have to go to Walmart out of town at all!  But that is beside the point, I needed to get some items for this camping trip!  A few things like small portable insect repellent, sunscreen, stronger lip balm, etc.  Since we have to carry in EVERYTHING that we bring with us, smaller is better!  I picked up a lot of things that I needed, with only 2 more items that need to be retrieved today!  Not bad!  It was kind of exciting to be going through parts of the store and finding just the right thing, or at least something that will do the trick.


Cat was of GREAT help to me when it came to determining what I should be getting.  She has been camping for years and gave me some great ideas.  We basically talked nonstop the whole time, it was so so nice to catch up with her.  We are such good traveling companions, and she tolerates me needing to stop to take pictures and is always up for a little walk if we have time!  YAY!

The wind in our hair !!
AFTER Wallyworld, we went for lunch at the Black Cat, then to the Chequamegon Food Coop and the Ashland Bakery!  They are wonderful places to go.  The Black Cat has fantastic food- I had a wrap that had some dill havarti cheese, veggies and a garlic/redpepper vinaigrette sauce that was excellent, not to mention the iced mocha that I nearly swooned over.  The Food coop has a great selection of natural foods, organic items and other hard to find things that I wanted!  And the bakery.........  Oh my gosh!!!  Plus I was able to go to a vegetable stand and get some sweet corn.  It wasn't terrific, but it was fine when grilled and I topped mine with lime and chili powder!  I really miss the corn and tomato guy in the parking lot of Southside!  I assume the road construction has f-ed it up for the summer.  The MA is under orders to pick up some corn when he sees the stand down in Phillips!!!  We shall see.....

THEN we had some time left, so off to the park we went for a little tiny photoshoot!  Got a few good landscapes and a cute pix of Cat and I, well except for the wind and the squinty eyes!!  :)  It was a fantastic trip- nothing special, just entirely good.

CERTAINLY it was a joyful day!  She is one of my joygivers!!!

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