Friday, July 20, 2012

Nerves...... not of steel

I have to say I may have had a tiny little margarita, but I am feeling nerves.  I am a little antsy, because I am resting my knee and not getting my usual exercise.  Which will make me insane, so you all better wish me a fast recovery.  And I am unsure about everything,  everywhere, so I am feeling my nerves.

I am an agonizer.  I worry pretty much to myself, but it does spill out.  To certain people at certain times, i will express my worry.  To most people I seem pretty confident.  I am a mess!!  More than I let on.  More than you will know.

But I will be fine and have a good time.  And tomorrow I will express my excitement, but tonight....  I have raw, open nerves.  and I might cry a little.... but tomorrow I will be fine.

But I still feel just a touch of joy.

Sweet dreams you all!

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