Saturday, July 21, 2012

Preparation part 3!

The next preparation part is obviously packing and getting mentally ready for this trip! Let me recap:

I am going on a canoe trip to the boundary waters with my Mad-sistah Rose and the Mad-aweseomniece Emily.  We are going through her church, who made the arrangements.  There is a group of 8 going, including a guide.  Like we would go WITHOUT ONE!  HAHAHA.  Anyway, we head up to Cook, MN on Sunday (that would be tomorrow) and arrive to learn about packing our packs, canoeing, having a swim test, and in general get ready.  Then we leave on Monday morning and will be canoeing between 7 and 15 miles a day.  Portages will take place.  Camps will be set up and tents will be slept in.  You get the idea.  We return on Friday at some point, take a shower, collapse in a bed and drive home on Saturday morning.

Sounds really awesome!  For those of your wishing to interject your own fears about camping, bears, rain, wind, cold, food, sleep, tents or any other subject that concerns you------- KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!!  We can discuss at a later date, say, oh, I don't know- when I get BACK??!!!!  As I am not allowing myself to go there.  I want to go and just live the week and not have expectations of anything!!!

It has been suggested that I will be breaking out in a cold sweat from having no phone for several days and there may be some truth to that statement!!  :)  Again, I am trying not to think about it.

Yesterday, I gathered my "outfits" such as they are together for the week.  Limited space means making everything count!  I've never thought so hard about whether to take a tiny piece of clothing along or not.

Yesterday also found me preparing by having a pedicure with a gorgeous purply pink nail polish on my toesies and my summer fingernail.  This may seem quite unnecessary and even contradictory to my purpose of this trip, but if you think that, you really don't know me!  HAHAHAHA.  I am all about the color. I needed the stress relief.  I needed to have my feet pampered. AND I love that reaction when people tilt their head slightly to the side and you can just see them thinking- WTF???? You got a pedi before a CAMPING TRIP?????   hehehehehe  It is birthday month after all, why the heck NOT??!!

One more preparation, I am making arrangements for a quick birthday/anniversary  just birthday party for me complete with fireworks and maybe some cake.  If I can get someone to make a cake.  Or maybe I will feel like it when I get back on Sunday???  Hmmmm, I'm not seeing it. So anyway, I think Sunday when I get back at least a couple people can come over for perhaps cake, beer, tequila and fireworks around the fire ring.....  Gotta have some birthday month follow through!

Today's agenda includes packing, cleaning a little, washing any last minute things, trying not to go insane, and picking up any last minute items that I will need.  Should be a full day!

But not without its joy!

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