Saturday, July 21, 2012

To do list- Preparation part....... uh 4? 5???


1.  Gather camping supplies

  • shirt (fleece)
  • pants (that zip off into shorts)
  • one pair of shorts
  • tanktops (swimsuit counts as this)
  • wool socks 
  • tshirt  
Note to self, do one last load of laundry!
  • raingear
  • mosquito net
  • flask of tequila
  • bottle of tequila
  • hat
  • mosquito net for head
  • chacos 
  • tennis shoes
  • flip flops
  • flashlight
  • cameras/batteries/memory cards
  • baggies
  • small watercolor set and small sketchbook
Question to self: why don't they sell new memory cards for people??

  • toothbrush
  • sunscreen
  • bug spray
  • lipbalm
  • flashlight
  • pillow 
  • dry  bags
  • tequila
  • FLY PATCHES for my hat
Thank Bernie at the Seed and Feed for this awesome suggestion
  • reading glasses????
  • hair ties and clips
  • sunglasses
  • bandanas
  • other stuff too personal to mention on this list
  • waist pack with water bottle
  • vetwrap for potential blisters
  • change of clothes for Friday night/Saturday drive
  • shampoo and soap for Friday night- a gallon should do it.
  • towel for Friday night
  • cash for gas home, food, sweatshirt
Not sure I have enough sunscreen or mosquito dope!  

2.  laundry
3A.  grocery store
  • popcorn for the MA
  • beer for him, not that he will drink it until I get back
  • beer for me, as I will need one when I get back
  • TEQUILA!!!!!   
3B. Seed and Feed
  • horse feed
  • fly spray
3C. Park Pharmacy
  • memory cards
4. Vacuum
5. wash dishes
6. make brownies for the MA
Note to self:  This man will not starve when I am gone, but he needs a diet overhaul!!

7.  Have tequila shots at about 2 pm
7.  Fix the $#%@#$%$ sewing machine after you find the...........manual and get the stinking cover off the side of the dang thing..........  AHHHHHHHH
8.  Calmly fix swimsuit
9.  Pack shorts to cover poorly fixed hole in swimsuit 
10. Remind self why drinking tequila the day before before traveling 4 hours is a bad idea
11. Pick up and put away the stuff left lying around the house
12. Call L and see if she can clean the house while I am gone!!  (fingers crossed)
13. Finish this ridiculous post and quit wasting time on the computer.
14. Find directions to Cook, MN
15. Find email with list to bring for cabin- twin sheet, blanket, pillow
16. Find out if Duluth is intact enough to go through without a badillion detours which would absolutely result in Debi getting lost.
17. Print directions
18. Put my PFD in the car
19. NAP???
20. Freeze rest of peas, cut up cantaloupe, cook beets
21. Call Rose, call my momma
22. Text - including but not limited to Mike, Jon, Greg, Gary, Samara and few other dear friends.
23. Wash  more dishes
24. Has anyone seen the Accountant???  I think he must still be raking hay for.... someone. 
25. Begin to see light at the end of the tunnel- or at least the things crossed off the list!  Almost there!!
26. Make supper
27. Relax a little - maybe I could have just one little sip of tequila.  And lime.  Maybe a little salt and ice....  
28. Go to bed sort of early
29. Attempt to sleep
30. Hope to not wake up in the middle of the night and remember something super important that I didn't do and then lay awake trying to not forget what it was.

LOCATE MY JOY!!!  I know I packed it somewhere!  :)

**The mad- sistah Rose is renting the sleeping bags for us and bought the sleep pads on sale- GOD BLESS REI!!!