Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Artistic picture post part 2

Here is round 2 for you.  

I am always looking for unusual viewpoints or an atypical shot.  Then to play around with the color and contrast just makes everything that much more enjoyable. 


So many people in my life inspire me in different ways.  Each of these pictures has a little bit of my friends and family in them.  Each of them hold a piece of my heart.  Because I had limited battery power, I tried to make each shot count.  Attempted to have a memory behind each one.  Alas, since I had over 700 pictures, some of them were a little bit of a mystery to me.  Probably 50 - 75 or so were taken by other people, so a few of them really were a mystery!  

Sunrise on Vermilion Lake
Amazing foliage

The weather was nearly perfect.  The scenery was amazing. The people were incredible.  Nature at it's finest.

tangle of roots

Wind swept

rocky landing
Morning mist

Everywhere I looked there was something unexpected, photogenic, picturesque.  It was a transformative experience in many ways- artistically, personally, physically- not just for me, but for all of the members of our group.

How can you not be affected by the beauty of this place?  In so many ways it is like my home, yet it is so different.  I am familiar with the trees, the wildlife, rocks, the water, yet the quality of each of these things is vastly different.

Lily paddling






The memories are something I will treasure forever.  The gifts given to me will last a lifetime.

And that is pure joy.

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