Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My newest (food) obsession

I know this is crazy, but I have developed a super simple recipe for pickled beets that has me craving them.  Seriously.  CRAVING AND OBSESSING.  I know- crazy.

I sporadically watch things like Top Chef and similar shows that I usually avoid, because they either
a. make me extremely hungry or
2. make me somewhat ill.... (think whole animals and things like that- ew)

trust me, "a" happens much more frequently than "2".

Anyway, every so often these people talk about pickled vegetables- and I do love a nice pickled beet, but they are so so sweet. SOOOOOOO sweet.  You are getting the picture, I think.  I looked at a few techniques for doing this- its putting vinegar on cooked vegetables for heavens sakes- and so this is what has resulted:
SOOOO good and refreshing!

First of all, I LOVE my Chiogga beets- they are a striped heirloom beet that is not very beet like in the traditional strong, earthy, red sense.  They are sweeter and lighter.  Cook those babies too late to actually serve them for supper one night.
Two nights later peel and slice them.

Pour about 1/4 cup (I don't measure, btw) of cider vinegar over the beets, a sprinkle of salt and a quick squeeze of agave syrup (or honey).

Let it sit for about 5 minutes or more, if you are strong, stir and then sit down with a fork!!  Or you could be civilized and wait for a meal to come around, but it's summer.  Civility is way over rated!

*****SPEAKING of honey- I was totally disgusted to see I accidentally bought a blended honey the other day at the grocery.  BLENDED WITH CORN SYRUP! IN A TEDDY BEAR JAR!!!!  Are you KIDDING me????  That stuff is so going back to the store.  I'm going to look for local honey from now on.  Grrrr.

Whew, I just let that one go, but I put that honey jar by my purse for further action necessary!!!

Find your joy in the simple things!  :)


  1. Crap! Selling "blended" honey in a bear jar? That should be illegal! So what percent was what?

  2. It doesn't say what the percentage is, but corn syrup is LISTED FIRST!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOO