Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kayak anyone?

In my quest to do something AWESOME as frequently as possible, I went kayaking the other day!  It was a gorgeous afternoon, I was lucky enough to have a friend from school who has a kayak and the ability to transport them around!  Thanks, girl!!

We started off our day by renting a kayak for me at Chequamegon Adventure Company, where I got this lovely vibrant yellow kayak for lake paddling.  Next was a stop at High Voltage Food Company, which serves rocking good vegetarian, vegan, raw and just plain awesome food!  We had wraps and smoothies, which was just the ticket for the day.  

We went to Minocqua Lake which is where Torpy Park is located, and followed the lake around the Island, under a road, near some islands and back again.  It was a little windy, and there were tons of boats and jet skis, so the water was pretty rough.  It was fine, I never really felt too tippy!  Well not from the water at least!

I look far more confident than I actually was!
After kayaking around and trying to not paddle it like a canoe (which was hard), we may have gotten thirsty and we may have stopped at the Yacht club, where there are no yachts.....
MMMMM, fruity!!

Gorgeous afternoon

Of course we did!

So, even though I did not tip the kayak- that might have been ill advised considering the refreshments we had indulged in- we did indeed go swimming afterwards!  

And of course I took pictures.  Look at this awesome potted arrangement at Torpy Park.  It has a gorgeous cherry tomato plant in it. Sucker was huge!!!

It was such a nice day, and kayaking is a hoot!  Summer, you need to slow down!

Did you know there is an ice cream place in Minocqua, too???  MMMMM, Java Chocolate chunk!

Until next time, be a joy giver!

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