Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hair today?? Gone tomorrow???

Seriously I should not be posting this when I am so tired. It was suggested tonight that I might need to do something with my hair before school starts.... Something about wild woman hair......I know right! Speechless.

Anywho, I actually was kicking that exact thing around in my head tonight whilst walking. What to do, what to do.  I realized a week ago that I probably missed a hair appointment back in June, which does not really surprise me at all, as I have a tendency to forget to write my hair appts. on my calendar for some reason.  I need to be WAY more diligent about putting them on my phone calendar, and then setting 4 alarms, a buzzer, a dog to come and lick my face in the morning, and hire someone to come and get me and drive me there.  Seems like overkill, but I like to hallucinate.

Anyway, what do you think? Should I get it all chopped off or let it grow or something in between??? What say ye?

For some reason, I am having a moment of ye Olde Englishe speaking.  Verily, 'twill pass!!

Ok see, there it went........

So, I am editing the heck out of this post this morning.  I am right, I should never post things when I can't see straight, not to mention right off my blogger app on my phone. IN THE SPIRIT of certain posts at my favorite blog- tomandlorenzo AND the recent survey by the hilarious Pif at  greenvegina I will ask you this:

What do you think?


b.  Um, yeah, Debi, we were going to talk to you about that whole constant ponytail thing, you need to visit Nancy.  Her number is 762-2251  Here, let me dial it for you...... and drive you there......  I think I know a dog you could borrow that day, too......

c.  Maybe a comb??

d.  Nothing that a trim and a flat iron won't cure.

e.  CUT IT OFF and begin again!!

f.  other- suggestions appreciated!!

WILD woman hair????  Not amused
This is an interactive blog post, people, lets see some comments!!!! AND if you are a quiet reader of my blog, I really like followers.  Somehow makes me feel loved.....  I've been stuck at 44 for a long time- go ahead take the plunge.  Join the cult of the MAD!!!  BWAHAHAHAHA

Ooops, sorry.  hehehe

Anyway, take the time today to give someone in your life some joy.  You never know when they might be having a bad day!!  


  1. Well I love the length of your hair and vote a big fat NO to chopping it off. Instead, maybe some new highlights/lowlights (blonde!!) or a little shaping. Your hair always looks great at work. In the summer we are supposed to have wild woman hair!

  2. Okay, okay, okay....I REALLY love the quiz format, but I think my thought is not there. Being a loyal follower of the Mad Artist AKA Wild Woman...I have to vote for forming a posse!

    But seriously (and don;t send the posse after me after I have roused them all up and fired them up, supplied them with garden implements and pitch forks)but, how about new frames, something lighter or thinner and a haircut that follows the chin line and I like the lowlights/highlights idea. Of course, I'd throw a bit of red into the mix!