Friday, August 3, 2012

Arts and recreation in the Boundary Waters

This Boundary waters trip definitely turned into an arts and recreation camp for us.  Because of the fact the other family did not come along, we were able to have a pack of art supplies.  THIS was indeed an awesome thing.  Penny had just run a family camp the week before, and had some great supplies available for us to use.  I had along a few of my water soluble pastel pencils, plus sharpies and some other things.  Nathan actually brought some really nice paper, so we were set!

My main source of creative outlet was the photography with the dual purpose of recording the trip and me finding my art shots that are always lurking about.  I am planning a whole separate post with some creative shots and editing.  I asked everyone to feel free to pick up the camera and shoot, so some of the pix I have were mostly the results of the other camera fiend in the group-Penny!

Clouds over Vermilion Lake

Rainbows and clouds
Goofing around was certainly part of the recreating!
They look like they are having entirely too much fun!  :)

This was somewhat horrifying for me- more to follow on this
ANIMALS - none very large- were a source of interest for many.  sorry the toad is out of focus, not having my reading glasses handy was not a good thing sometimes

Butterflies liked us

This butterfly hung out on Rose's elbow for about 10 minutes, it was licking her!!
Of course there was plenty of opportunity for swimming!
Pat lifeguarding us

Goofing around or swimming?? 

Rock climbing of various sorts:

Pictograph from a canoe trip- not rock climbing but involved rocks!

And of course there is the various projects we did. I did some pastel drawing, plus we did tshirts, camp flags, and other personal individual things.....

Painting down by the lake

We did spend a lot of time dealing with food, it was bound to happen that some creative things were going on!

fresh from the lake
Campfires and popcorn
All of the food came in bags with some interesting messages!!  
And of course did I mention that we did photography??
caught in a pool
Penny in her glory after we retrieved our phones

Interesting fact:  When we were at the next location to pick up the other group of voyagers, we had a little delay.  So while waiting we ended up walking!  Got some glorious pictures during that little interlude!  You'd think we would have crashed in the car, but I couldn't sit still.  Glad we all went down that path.

Almost done with these posts, it seems so long ago now.

Remember to always be a joy giver and find some creativity in your life.  Even if you think you aren't creative!  We all know that isn't true, everyone has that spark.  It just needs to be uncovered from that daily blanket of life

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