Sunday, August 5, 2012

When did August sneak up on me?

HEY!  I remember saying that I was continuing my party into August 1.  I do recall that I may have gone out to lunch with someone on Thursday as well.......  and it is POSSIBLE I might have been doing a little socializing on Friday too.  You know me, guys, I am like that.  :)  Of course Saturday was full of stuff to do- but how did the time go so fast??

A few quick things that I am thinking of today-

Abandoned but beautiful
I still can't believe it is already August 5!  WHAT????

I REALLY can't believe my oldest child is turning 30 tomorrow, that is utterly impossible.  I know I was actually very young when I had him (lol- well I WAS!!! I think 23 was pretty young!), but we both agree that it is ridiculous.

It is really cold out this morning, deliciously so.  I will have to walk later, though, too much company and I got up too late.

I have had a delightful weekend so far!  RAN MY FIRST OFFICIAL RACE EVER!!!  RAN IT.  The sad thing was I couldn't run the whole time, as because of my rehabbing knee I hadn't run in 4 weeks.  HOWEVER, I did run at least 3/4 of it, so I am pretty happy. AND my knee feels good today AND I have the Dirty Girl run in 2 weeks and I am sure I will be able to run that!  FUN to have all the kids home for the weekend!

Debi and SarahJane

Sarah Jane brought her lovely sister, Maggie, along on this trip and she is a delight!

3 dogs in the house is a lot of dogs.

It is nice to be greeted in the morning with chocolate lab kisses!!!

I have 3 more boundary waters posts to do, and I already have a bunch of photos to edit!

Tomorrow I get back into my regular kick ass cardio routine.  I have been "resting" too long!  But I know that resting is good when you need to do it ~ for your own good.....

Hope you have a fabulous Sunday.  I will be checking in soon.

Until then, be a joy giver, and never EVER act your age!!!

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