Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tired Brain

People, my brain is tired.  

First- I had to go back to school for inservice this week- so many things I could say, but that can just stay my little secret.  Going back to school taxes all my reserves.  I love summer (in case you haven't noticed).  And while I love my students and my teaching, I am not quite so fond of the "educational opportunities" afforded the teaching staff in the late summer.  Nuff said.  So inservice exhausts me, since I have to work DARN hard at editing my  mouth which likes to spout off on occasion- I have a penchant for sarcasm when under duress.

Second- I haven't slept very well lately.  Combination of factors, including the information listed above, a need to start my day off  EARLY with a hot cup of coffee and a little alone time with facebook and the Channel 9 news, and various twinges and aches that seem to crop up about 5:30 in the am- at the latest!!

Third- I have been absent from my home and I need to be here a little bit.  I have been gone for the majority of each day for over a week.  Now most of this has been really awesome, heaven knows I packed a lot of living into my days last week, but I need to crash and burn.  And so I am!

I even skipped the gym tonight, which is somewhat horrifying to me, but I will get in a good long walk later, and will get in all 4 days of workouts this week..... so it is all good, but still!!!  I just couldn't do it, I had to come home.

I have eaten out WAY too much and while I can't believe I said that, I need to cook for myself. ASAP!!!!!  Like tonight!  I am fantasizing about beets and kale and carrots and garlic mashed potatoes......  and zucchini on the grill and possibly some peppers and portabello mushrooms......  I am surely not hungry yet, but my tummy wants some clean foods!!

Alright, so there it is......

My brain is tired and I think it needs a nap. Or a good rousing game of Word with Friends.  We'll see which one wins!  I'm thinking the nap will......


Until next ti.....


until next time, be a joy giver!

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