Sunday, October 14, 2012

Endings and New beginnings....

Sarah Jane and Sarah Grace Oswald

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions. Most of the these emotions have been joyful. Unfortunately I have been one sick Mad Art Teacher, but focusing in on Greg and Sarah's wedding has been wonderful.

let the cupcake baking begin

A warm puppy to tuck my toes under and occasionally trip over!

Nice shot Greg- thanks a heap

Rosie, Dee and Debi
Ed and Bill
Rose and Emily

Brother Ed and Dee

However, my mom and dad's farm, my family home, the home of my father and grandparents has been sold.

We all knew this was going to happen, as my mom has been living in Assisted Living for several years now.  Nothing good happens to a house that is sitting empty. Things happen, roofs leak, pipes freeze, etc. and it is better for the house to be inhabited.  None of us were able to live there, so this was the logical choice. The farm is going to good people who will care for the marvelous piece of property that used to provide my family's livelihood, and it is good to know that they will be keeping it in farmland, like it should be.

Beautiful fields and a view for miles

posted previously about the mixed emotions I had about this event, but it really was tough leaving the place for the last time.  We had gone down to Janesville a few weeks ago to finish going through the house before the cleaners came.
Gotta keep it positive

Going through papers

Going through the cupboards

One last look

Rose and I both had a tearful goodbye.  It was hard leaving your childhood, your memories, your daddy behind in this house.  But we have gathered our nostalgia and a few last possessions and took them home with us, because we know that home is where your family is.  Where you hang your coat at the end of the day.  Where you feel safe and relaxed. Where you lay your head and your heart at night.

We finished collecting items that we needed to rescue, including these chicken dishes that were my Grandma's.  Rose and I split the huge set up.

 A piece of my Grandma Kutz

The Cub Cadet has found a new home... it will be near Dad's tractor when it gets refurbished.
So, besides the impending wedding and my AWESOME accumulation of yet another Sarah Owald, there was one other thing that kept the weekend from being absolutely devastating.  We got the good news from Jon and Sarah!  



Gramma Oswald with the kiddos

Grampa Oswald, too!

I'm rooting for a little Debi!  Lol!

As usual, life proves that you have to take the good with the bad, the happy with the sad, the joy with the pain.  Life is not all sunshine and roses, though I would prefer it that way.  I do know that fantastic things are best enjoyed when you contrast them against the painful- and these last few months have been moments in life that while I did not always enjoy, but will never forget.  These are the stories of our lives- stories that I will share with my grandchildren. Stories I am formulating with tears in my eyes: tears of sadness, tears of happiness, tears of reconciling the past and future.  

Tears of joys to come

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