Sunday, October 14, 2012

Photo post- again

I am in the mood to blog this afternoon.  I feel very tired but I think I could be making headway towards health.  At least my voice is not compromised today, which is a good thing for my ability to teach tomorrow!  So, what am I going to post?  I am going to scroll through my pictures and see what strikes my fancy- so you will be surprised right along with me.

Some of my favs from past and present- because I want to!  :)  Sorry if this seems excessively long and repetitive.  HOWEVER, it was enjoyable to put together.

Lol, Luann made a comment about the two "Dirty Girls" at this exact moment!
Clean Dirty Girls

Dirty girls

So lovely.  One of the bridesmaids took this pic

Fall at it's finest

Ruger girl

Cute shoes!

Wedding finery


Full Harvest moon

Lovely fall leaves

 FALL was gorgeous this year.  We really thought that the leaves would dry up and fall off.  However, we must have gotten just enough rain to save that from happening.  We were treated to a showstopper!

Surreal landscape

The sunsets were also quite spectacular.  There were no particular big fires out west that I know of- at least none that made our air smoky.

Favorite tree

Little bit of bark right outside the Outhouse Bar

Summer Stone house

Butternut creek

Stone house- alternative view

Inside the stone house

Thistle down

Ashland Marina

Road construction

In the canoe

The most incredible cloud formation of the summer

Still life in red

The Oswald farm

Red barn

Flambeau River

Flambeau River

Rainbow capture at the Mall of America Parking lot

Debi and Callen

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, GoodBYE!

I miss my kids

My seniors

Vermilion Lake

Boundary waters

Boundary waters evening

I am very pleased with this batch of photos.  It was cool to go through and choose them, I hope you enjoy my trip down summer and fall's memory lanes.

Be sure to relive your big and little joys, too!

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