Sunday, October 7, 2012

Post wedding wrap up!

I know I missed a few days there, but we got a little busy to say the least!

It was a wonderful 3 days of planning, decorating, baking, laughing, visiting and celebrating with my family and friends.

You are going to be expecting a whole slew of fabulous pictures that document the events of the days,  I am sure.  I had ONE little issue today, and that is the discovery that my memory card either did not record OR somehow deleted my pictures from Friday and Saturday.  I tried putting the disc into other cameras, and still want to try it out in a different computer as well.  But as far as I know, the pictures are gone.  Fortunately, I guess, I have come to terms with it quickly.  I had a wonderful time as did everyone else involved.  There was literally NOTHING that went wrong.  I did not take the majority of the pictures on that Saturday, so I was out among the guests talking and eating and enjoying the moment. I was living a fantastic memory, and I have that.  I have been reassured by many that other people have pictures, and that is so true.  I have friends and family coming to the rescue and I will update these blog posts as I go here.

So other than that little set back, that really only affected my vision of my own Sunday's schedule, the weekend was great.  Greg and then Sarah and her lovely sister Maggie arrived on Thursday, and so we had a pretty full agenda for Friday!  After talking and making breakfast we began work on things like cupcakes and flowers and other forms of decorating preparations. It was a very relaxed bride and groom who appeared on Thursday, and they stayed that way virtually the entire weekend!

The end of Thursday brought us the rehearsal, which went fine, and the rehearsal dinner which was a hoot, and a pretty early bedtime, relatively.  This was good, we needed the rest, I don't think we hardly sat down all day, except for when we were sitting at church!!

Forgive the quality of many of these pix.  I took them just very casually in dicey lighting conditions with my phone.....

But hey, they are better than nothing!!  :)

Woo hoo!
Friday we started like this....

Goofy self portrait, waiting for the sistah-Rose to get to the party

Emily enjoying her rootbeer float
Tom, Jane and Sarah Grace....  I had lots of pix on my other camera, btw.

Saturday proved to be a COLD day from beginning to end, but that did little to dampen the spirits of anyone.   I will write a different blog post when I finally get actual bride and groom photos!  I can't believe this....  oh well.  Here are some random bits of oddness!  

Lola said things that can't be repeated!  LOLA!!  This is a happy day!
Mother of the groom-BEFORE the hair and still very tired

Mother of the groom AFTER, way way after- with a few Limearitas in.

Mr and Mrs. Greg Oswald arriving at the hall- mom and dad Oswald were letting the dogs out and fetching the cheesecake!

Reception area

Head table- Greg actually made the wreath Friday

Greg enjoying his day, sorry about the red eyes, Greg.  Not my camera and it looked really goofy when I edited it.

My brother, Ed; his wife, Darlene, and Tom: Sarah's Dad

Creating the cupcake table
CUTE shoes

Emily's addition: she didn't keep her cute shoes on so long

Ed and Bill's smart alecky addition!

Finally relaxing a lot!

Emily likes her cheez crackers!

Something was funny- Jon is always on his A game!

I'm sure the favorite gift will be the level.  That was not off registery, either!!  Lol

Adorable bridesmaids cutting up the bartender

Father of the groom cleans up pretty well!

Dancing Queens and kings

Sarah Jane after the reception

CUPCAKES!!  AREN"T these adorable???  And so so good!

The day grows late and there is so much more to come.  I thought you might enjoy this taste of the day and hang on until I can get the rest of the pix together.  And hopefully tomorrow will find my voice healing.  I have not made the recovery I hoped for today-

Until next time, be a quiet joygiver!  

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