Monday, October 1, 2012

Wedding count down... 5

So, I am home this afternoon because I can't freaking talk, no thanks to my germ laden little darlings at good old CHS. I am so tired and sick feeling, but I can't NAP because I drank so much coffee (in an attempt to regain my voice),  I can't relax and fall asleep.  Don't worry my darlings, I tried!

It is MONDAY- I worked like crazy all weekend long doing some cooking and cleaning and the usual stuff I do on the weekends.  I have the wedding dress hemmed, still need to press it well.  I have things either purchased, found or ordered for myself and the MA for Saturday.  I have someone coming here to do a little cleaning before the masses arrive at my house, and am thinking of where I am going to have room for all those daisies.  Still have to take some things to the thrift shop, get some groceries and finish cleaning up the refrigerator.  Looks like my days are going to be full!


 So my baby boy Greg is getting married to a wonderful girl, and I am looking forward to Saturday- a LOT.

I'm so sorry I only have a crying pic of Sarah!

This is certainly how I picture my lovely daughter in law to be!  Only a few more days kids, then you can hunt all you want!  :)

Until then we are all trying really hard to be joyful party planners!           

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  1. Congratulations to your family, and I hope you are feeling MUCH better by then!