Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wedding Countdown- 4 days

Lets see how many times we can change our plans for the week!  Company coming Wednesday, no- Thursday night.  Wait, Wednesday again..... never mind, make it Thursday morning.  Oh and there is another person coming Thursday night. Dogs are coming.  No they aren't,  wait yes they are.....  let's see, have breakfast for 3 days, no, wait 4.  Hold it, let's make it 3 again.....  I need to finish hemming pants, I need to grocery shop, I need to get to Shopko for a couple things, I need to get to the Seed and Feed for the poor horse.  Please remind me to pay Rose and Sarah Grace for the stuff they are bringing me.... WHAT am I forgetting??  I did manage to lose my voice again and find my way to Triple B for a nice relaxing pedi!

If I have all this going on, I can imagine what the bride and groom have all going on.  Oh, wait, I know already!  :)

Speaking of the bride and groom, my little blondie and his gorgeous bride to be.  I got some pictures from an unnamed source today of Sarah Jane!  Yay me!! And of course I have countless photos of my own kid....

Sarah Jane - I love this picture!!

There are those dimples!

My joyful Greg

Well, look how much younger we both are!

I didn't do it, mom!

I guess the thing is to not stress about anything, the day will come so fast and it will be over in a flash.  Stop, enjoy, revel in their special day.

Can't wait to see you all who are coming and for those of you who aren't,  you can bet I will be sharing this joy and some others soon! 

Be a joy giver and absorb those moments.

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