Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wedding countdown.....3 days!

Now isn't this fun?  I get to talk to tons of people and I don't have to strain my vocal chords.  So, because this is my blog, I can start off with all this unnecessary information about myself.  Like how crappy I felt this morning, holy moly.  And so I came home at 11:30 because I could not TALK again.  And to have kindergarten with no voice is just not a good idea. I am still not feeling great tonight and so tomorrow I am just going to stay home again.  It is just a wise preemptory strike against feeling ill on Saturday.  I plan to lay low at least through the morning, before the first wave of visitors arrive.

So the first wave is Greg and the pups.  And then the insanity begins.  Should be an interesting few days!

So more photos of the kiddos.  Greg has always been a bit of a clown and a creative sort.  I have a few pix of his antics.
The rabbit hat

Are you ready for some football?

One of the infamous snowmen

Needs little in the way of explanation
And now for Sarah Jane
A dog lover from the beginning

Nice face!  Lol


This is a lot of fun!  

So, today, besides my major whine about my voice and general feeling of malaise that includes popping ibuprofen and drinking copious amounts of tea I managed to get the MA's new black suit pants hemmed, and so with the new shoes he is all set!  The poor guy managed to cut himself a good one today.  I had an unfortunate incident a few weeks ago that involved something falling on a wine bottle in the frig and the neck of the bottle busted off and of course spilled wine everywhere. At some ungodly time like 5:30 am.  What a mess.  Anywho, the bottle and it's shards went into the recycling and..... yeah.  Apparently glass is so sharp it cuts right through plastic garbage bags!!!  And thumbs.  Oops!  Poor Binky.  It is pretty sore. This happened after I left for school..... And it was bad enough that he, my husband, for the first time in my recent or long term memory took HIMSELF to a doctor without prompting or insistence from yours truly.  No stitches.  Good thing it was on his left hand as we would NOT want it to interfere with one's lightening fast adding machine abilities.  Now would we??  His entire northern Wisconsin clientele breathed a collective sigh of relief.  Don't worry kids, he uses his right hand for that!! 

Anyway, so I was lucky enough to have someone help me set up my art room for that substitute teacher tomorrow.  It took me an hour as it is.....

So tomorrow, I need to press Sarah's dress and hide it before Greg gets here,  rest my voice, grocery shop, stay quiet, vac and clean the bathroom upstairs, not talk, make a few things for the company who is coming and try to sit down occasionally and drink some tea.  For my throat and ultimately my voice.  In case you didn't catch these references. Because you are tired, or sick, or impaired, or tequila-laden or..... you choose!  :)

Speaking of tequila, I wonder how that affects the vocal chords....

Anyway, these lovely kids have only a few days left of being single!  They look like they were meant to be together!  Looking forward to tomorrow, they will both get here at some point. YAY!

OH and by the way, please don't tell me or anyone involved in this event about how nasty the weather is supposed to be. We are well aware of the situation!  And seriously, we are going to have a good time regardless

Until next time, which SHOULD be sometime tomorrow, be a joy giver!  

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