Thursday, October 18, 2012

Well this just figures....

Ya know, some times you just wonder what you did in  a former life....

All I wanted to do this morning is check facebook, post a few things on and be on my merry way.  There seems to be an issue with something somewhere- neither site will come up. Strangely, my igoogle does come up, and blogger comes up, so it isn't my computer or my internet connection. So this is good.

Yesterday did not end in the most graceful way.  I was distressed- big time- at the end of the day.  But by trying to help out a couple of people by listening and reflecting AND almost more importantly, getting some physical activity helped me regain my center and my perspective on things.  I wish I didn't care about "things" so much, but I do so I guess I am stuck with me.  It is exhausting.

So, I am going to go on and pretend yesterday afternoon never happened.

Connected in my mind to all this, but not clear to you yet, I have a post that talks about body image that is percolating in me, but it isn't quite finished yet.  I haven't completely solidified my point of view.....  stay tuned!

In the meantime, here is a lovely few pix from the walk I finally was able to take on Tuesday night and one of little Ruger with her head on the Barber's hat.  Such an adorable dog!

Hope these pix helped you find your joy!

I think I found mine again.

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