Monday, November 5, 2012

Moving south! uh, well, I should

Just a thought here, I am cold ALL the freaking time now.  I'm freezing right now, I am cold at night,  I am cold constantly.  I guess underneath that 70 lbs that I lost is a southern girl that needs to move somewhere warmer.  Heck it isn't even cold here yet!!!  What am I going to do when the weather turns nasty??  

Anyway, if I disappear, children, Mommy has moved to warmer climes.....  even southern WI might be better......but I'm thinking even more south.  Any suggestions???  There can't be a lot of snakes, though.  Ew.

Oh, someone tell the MA, too.  hahaha  In the meantime, I need to get some way warmer clothes..... and more wool socks........ and a winter coat!


  1. You've lost weight and are missing your insulation, girl! I don't have this problem currently, but the last time I lost a lot of weight the first winter was really hard. Eventually I adjusted.
    Anyway, the only advice I can give that you didn't already mention, is drink lots of tea, take hot baths before bed and be extra careful not to get a chill, because it takes a long time to warm up. Bundle up extra well outside, and beware of the sneaky few minutes when you get home and the house is still cold. I like to keep my hat and coat on until the heat can catch up.
    I've been cold lately too. This warm fall has done a number on me and I've gotten complacent and hadn't broken out the winter gear yet. Once the air dries out and it stays consistently cold it will get easier.

    1. Lol, thanks A!!! I am keeping the furnace a little teensy bit warmer, too, AND I am in for an extra blanket on the bed. Which will make other people in the house happy. :)