Friday, November 23, 2012

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

So winter arrived in a huff last night.  I noticed the dropping temperature in the early afternoon, the wind picked up a little later and then there were the impending clouds of doom!  Lol, well maybe not doom, but HOLY cats.  Winter got us good!  Paid us back for enjoying MUCH above normal temps for a week- she was not pleased that she was so late to the party.  
Impending clouds of doom!  Lol
Early morning through my window

Lola and she was not thrilled either!
So last night around 9 it started snowing and blowing.  The house was so cold when I got up this morning- it seemed forever before it warmed up.  In spite of the appearance, I decided that a walk was definitely in order. And so I asked Sarah Jane if she wanted to go..... and I got a yes!  And then we sweet talked Greg into going too!  He was not convinced.  Then Sarah pulled out the cute smile and the  whole "we need you to keep us safe", to which I was almost rolling on the floor with laughter.  As if SJ and I can't take care of ourselves..... but that's ok, Greg, you were a trooper!

As we started off, it didn't seem too bad, but then we hit Hwy E. and the proverbial hell broke loose.  It was COLD and windy.  REALLY cold and windy!  But off to the stone house we went.

Beautiful branches

So I started by sneaking off to the poor broken down wooden house across the road - which was looking sort of grim.

The stone house was bathed in a snowy glory.

The white of the snow outlined the usually invisible barn


The snow plows were out in force!

Favorite tree in the snow
It was a really good walk!  We all had a good time- well I'm going to say we did. Greg might have a different comment, but hey, it's my blog!
Until next time, be a joy giver and make sure you get your exercise today!

**Speaking of my blog, I am going to be posting more soon and it will be totally out of order, but you know that is how I roll!  

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