Monday, December 10, 2012

A few pictures and a disappointing winter storm

Here we thought we would have plenty of snow for some wonderful winter amusement- like snowshoeing!!  But no, I don't think there is more than a couple inches out there.... oh well.

I took pictures in the morning during a walk, I went a different route- the MA dropped me off in the "way back field" and I walked the snowmobiletrail/railroad right of way to Omaha Rd and then went down to Smith Lake and back.  I did a lot of diddling around, it was a good thing to do on a really not so snowy day.....

My canoe launch site isn't too user friendly right now

I will not be walking on water for a few weeks

Out of place

Anyway, as I discussed earlier in the weekend, I needed to do some photo taking and I did!  And it was a joyful thing!

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