Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saturday Pics and Decs

While it was hard to get focused yesterday after the whole "GOAL" event happened, I did manage to execute a portion of my to do list.  I was able to take a few pix on my walk, which was satisfying to say the least.  I am hoping that I can walk again today with my camera in the snow- seems like it will be a good photo opportunity.  But that is a Sunday thing, so let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The walk resulted in some Stone House photos from the other side of the house- I am sort of running out of view points, as I can't go into the house. Floor is a bit dicey and that would be bad to end up unexpectedly in the basement!  So I went for the north side and I won't be taking pix there for a while..... unless I can get a "BIG SNOW" pic, which I am still sort of lacking.  At any rate, it was a gorgeous, cold day and I got a great walk in.
Stone house, hidden

Blinded by the light

North side

View of the northside of the house- look how tall that is!

After grocery shopping, and sending the MA off to the feed store to get poor old Jac some dinner, I started looking for, finding, and decorating my wreaths and roping!  I love having my deck zhushed up with lights and ribbons and such, so it is a delight to do this.  I have had the lights up for a week, but it really needed the finishing touches.  When I finally found my ribbon, which was basically hidden in plain sight, I found a lot of roll ends.  I decided to be a little different this year and deliberately use several different designs on the roping.  The wreaths match, but the rest is eclectic.  I like the way it looks, actually. It appeals to the pointedly asymmetrical, random side of me.   I am quite sure this is going to bother the more organized, linear people in my family **coughFredandJon** but they will get used to it.  *grin*

I didn't quite get the entire deck cleaned and swept, but I have a feeling the snow will  take care of that!
I like to add some sort of decoration to my wreaths, but I am not one to overdo it.  So this year, I had cut some sort of conifer branches when the MA cut down dead trees in the yard, and saved them for this purpose.  To go with, we got some red twig dogwood from the sheep ranchers and I cut some of my perennial grasses from the flower garden.  Bundle these all together, tie on a generous, colorful bow and you have a northwoods wreath!
Bundle of branches

Applying the decorations- I am looking pretty stylish, eh?  

Almost done

I love the way this turned out.

In other news, I was able to get out part of my rocking horse collection and get some put up here and there, and begin decorating my mini tree.....  more Christmas things will come out today and most importantly all those boxes MUST be removed from my hall way!  So it is up to me to finish this job today!!

I've been collecting rocking horses/carousel horse ornaments for a long time, now, I like reacquainting myself with them each year.

So while I am waiting to see what Caesar* will bring today, I am going to be finding my joy in the holidays.  Happy Hanukah to my friends who celebrate that, and may you all find and give joy today.

Frost on the foliage

Fresh eggs

My beautiful buddy

*The weather channel has decided it has to name winter storms!  HAHAHAHA- we northerners make fun of people like that.  For us it is just a slow trip into town

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