Sunday, December 23, 2012

Early Christmas check list

Today is Christmas for us.  Kids are traveling, coffee is brewing (sad face) doggies are licking my feet- brr and I need to figure out my day......

1. Exercise- snow shoes???  Walking??? something will happen

2. Pancakes

3. straighten house a tad and wash sheets for next crew of visitors

4. Try not to stress out

5. Get food made for group lunch about 2ish

6. have other people wash the dishes at all costs!  (haha)

7. Don't plan to kill the spouse who probably has not bothered to get someone a present....

(oops, did I say that out loud??)

8. Apologize for the 2 missing gifts that will undoubtedly come on MONDAY (grrrr)

9. Attempt to remember it is not about the what of Christmas, but the who is with you in body and in spirit

10. ENJOY the day!

Have a lovely Sunday everyone

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