Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Morning musings-

My random thoughts for the morning....  

Christmas trees really need to have presents under them. I have about 4 under there right now and I find myself relaxing a little bit.  MUST.  WRAP.  MORE.

YAY for the ability of those of us in remote areas to do our last minute shopping online.  Amazon is my best friend today.  And yesterday..... and free shipping RAWKS my world.  

Why oh why must I be getting a tickly, runny nose and a semi-sore throat today???  What germ laden little darling child of mine did this to me??  I'd like to give it back.  

I was sort of bummed that yesterday was the day for LOSEIT to release a whole bunch of exercise badges (I do work for virtual bling) on the first total rest day that I have taken in a MONTH!!!!!! ARGH!!! I realize of course that I will get them today, but still.  sigh.

I am really pleased this morning to have an awesome healthy lunch!!  

I did a little local shopping yesterday- I went to the post office for the first time in AGES (read:months) and was disgusted to find the small town rumor mill abuzz.  I refused to add anything to the process, even though I knew what was going on.  People please.  Anyway, I was then so happy to stop by and see my dear friend Luann at her favorite place to work, and a favorite place of mine to shop and I secured the last (Ihope) gift that I needed to pick up.  Except for the dice game prizes for the competitive and fast paced thrill (called creatively enough: The Dice Shaking Game) we have at the Kutz family Christmas festivities!!  That will be the subject of another post as I realize I say little about my own dear family.  

I love my hrrrrrrrrrrr!!  (which I got "kissed by the color sun" yesterday)  And I HAVE to laugh to say - people----- I have no gray!!! THANK YOU GRANDMA OBERLEY FOR THOSE ROCKING GREAT GENES!!!!

We need more snow.

I love my students.  All of them.  Even the pita ones.  Love.

I'm FINISHED with my mid-term grades.  whew.

I had a pic on tv this morning!!  woo hoo.

I have 49 followers!!!  and almost 13,000 page views......  anyone want to make it 50 followers???? I find this amazing and extraordinary.  Love having followers..... and other anonymous viewers, apparently.  ;) 

AND I'm going to have a GRANDDAUGHTER in April, which is pretty much a part of my hourly thought process these days.....

TONIGHT!!!  I am about to embark on something I usually would NOT do.  A fabulous friend of mine sent me a picture of this thing and I promptly pinned that image and made plans to execute the idea.  I will extensively photograph the process this evening and blog my little eyeballs out.  HAHAHA.  This will be epic- in a Pinterest sort of a way.  :)  That is after I hit the gym for about 2 hours and work off my holiday eating sins that keep cropping up at school...... someone has to stop me. An intervention is probably needed.  UGH.  I make a pledge to be cookie free today.  Oh wait.....   hmmmmmm,  well, yeah, I better.  If I want to maintain, I better have a cookie free day.

Yeah, now I should really get myself going, as I need to pack a lunch and get ready for the day.  Find yourself a little joy-- where ever you can!  

*****I apologize for any poor choices of word in my musings- I NEVER mean to be a joy stealer.  And even a joy giver makes mistakes that they regret

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