Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Christmas tree, oh tediouschristmas tree

It seemed like a good idea at the time!  I received a COOL picture from a friend of mine, who totally knows my thought process apparently, of a Christmas tree that is made of broccoli and other vegetables.  It hit a chord in many ways..... a. it's Christmas for heavens sakes, deck the halls and hohoho.  2. It is vegetable, which of course is my gig now.  Next. I like the visual translation of the whole thing- it is artsy in a Trompe l'oil sort of a way. and e. I usually wimp out for Potlucks and just buy a veggie tray, so here it is people.  This is the best I can do!  AND btw, it was a very good idea and it turned out pretty cool!!

And yes I pinned it on Pinterest and will pin the puppy onto my board later, when I have a "free moment"  HAHAHAHAHAHA  as if.

So to start this process, I bought some veggies and then I went back and bought more the next day.  THIS was a wise decision on my part.
Shopping list:
Green Cauliflower
yellow and red pepper
cherry tomatos
foam cone
dip or hummus

**THANK you Susie Daniels for providing me with the cone!!  YOU are awesome!!

As I was cutting up the veggies last night, I decided it would be best to assemble them in the morning so they wouldn't get soggy or limp.  So GUESS WHAT I did at 4:30 am??!!!

I began at the bottom of the cone and put in sort of like rows of the 2 green veggies.  NOTE: if you do this, put the toothpicks IN the base first. Not in the broccoli.  AND trim down the stems a bit.  You will thank me for this advice!  You're welcome!!

Oh, look, I can focus a camera at 4:45!

So fill the tree with green and then go back and try not to curse as you fill in the holes that you missed before you actually woke up for the day......  Those are unpleasant words to use at Christmas time any way.

Prepare to decorate the tree!  Enter cherry tomatoes, peppers and carrot pieces:

Begin the garland with pepper strips...

Add the ornaments......

Add a star!!

And done- only about 2 hours of time and no Art teachers were harmed during this event...... Well, my fingers are sore from the toothpicks, but that is a small sacrifice.  

And so I hope this gives my lovely colleagues in the High School a lot of joy!  :)

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