Thursday, December 20, 2012

The ups and downs of the season

Ups and downs,  joys and sorrows, happy and sad, tragedy and triumph....  it all seems to be more magnified during this time of the year.

For a few reasons today (sorry, Elizabeth!!!  so regretful) I am feeling down.  I have expectations that cannot be met during the holidays.  I do the best I can to be a joy giver, but I do fail at times.  But I have said before, the clouds are necessary for the gorgeous sunsets and sunrises.  You have a bit of sorrow to make the joy more precious.  That is life.

I wonder why sometimes I can't be truly happy with what I have.  It seems sometimes I'm not. Is this a good thing? Idk,  but I do know that no matter what the outcome, I usually don't regret my choices.  There is always something to learn and ways to grow.  Can't change things too much, so I am going with what I find to be the right things for me.  There are many facets to these statements, so don't worry about me.  I'm fine.

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