Monday, December 17, 2012

Picture post

In my zeal to clean and such, I have neglected my pictures a little. The lack of proper sunshine is not helping..... AT ALL!  BOOOOOOOOO
So being the optimistic person I am, I went for a walk on Saturday, snapped a few and then Sunday morning went outside in a beautiful fairyland of fresh snow. So here it is.  THEN, I found myself goofing around with my friend Lori at the gym and photos resulted. And that was fun. Here is one of those as well.
Butternut Creek

Hangers on-ers

Curly and wet

Yep, out in the robe again!

Lat pulldowns

My buddy

Hope your weekend was joyful!  Only a few days of work and then some eagerly anticipated days off. And that is a lovely thing!

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