Monday, December 17, 2012

Cleaning and Finding

Christmas time is MESSY!  I find that as I take things out of their place in my house, to replace them with treasured Christmas things, involves a lot of rearranging and boxes and things stuck somewhere for the moment.  And it drives me crazy to see that stuff sitting around.  Now, I am not fastidious about things like that, but with a tree in the house, the whole place seems to shrink slightly.  And in order to maintain my sanity, I want to have my line of vision cleared out.

So to get the wrapping paper box out of the hall into the sewing and art (temporary gift wrapping site) room I had to clean out that S&A room.  Not sure why but somehow that seems dirty.  Anyway, that particular place is the repository for stuff I don't want to deal with on occasion.  It is not entered by any human soul except for mine, and so I put things in it that need to be dealt with "later".  Later apparently is up to 2 years later..... well maybe 1.5 years, but you get the idea.  Later was Saturday.

I knew that room had to be addressed, so I began sorting through it with a few garbage bags and boxes.  It was interesting going through the things in there- a lot of it was putting things back into plastic bins.  A lot of sewing items and such end up near it's proper place, so much was just a matter of finishing the job.  However, in the far reaches of my S&A room, in the far corners of my table and on top of a bin along with past issues of Arts and Activities magazines, I found some things that really made my day.  I inferred yesterday that my present from me to me was discovered during this event, and that is indeed what was in a bag under some sewing things in a corner in the dark!  FABULOUS!!  I am leaving these things out so I remember to use them!!  In the same general area I found some needles and things that I knew I bought but of course, they got covered up with other things...... um you get the picture.  I also rediscovered my little stash of fabric for new skirts, so that little stack is going right next to some mending that needs to be done- (Jon- I promise that Brewer's coat will have a new zipper on it for Christmas!).

Along the same lines was a sundress that I had tried to give to a friend of mine, but she said she couldn't wear it.  It was a dress I never thought would fit me- I thought that I was just (rib cage wise) too big for it...... HA!!!!!  Guess what, it fits!!  Holy moly.  Well, of course now that it fits, I don't really like the way it looks, so it went into one of the bags that is going to the thrift shop, but that's ok.  VICTORY was mine!  Talk about an awesome non-scale victory!!

AND I found a couple iTunes gift cards I had bought earlier this fall.....  this is almost embarrassing!  but that's ok. Beyond that, I was able to clear the table, clear the floor, put things back in their proper place, find a few more art supplies on a shelf (YAY) and then move that wrapping paper into the room and then unload the gifts onto the table for wrapping..... which I had totally planned to do yesterday, but didn't.  I found a few holes in my gift array and promptly plugged those holes this morning!  All in time for delivery before Dec. 24!  God Bless Amazon.  :)

So in my zeal to put some order in my life on Saturday I was also multitasking the laundry and a  few other things, which found me folding clothes that night at like 8:30.  ugh.  so I literally stuffed my own clothes into a few dresser drawers and of course promptly decided that Sunday was going to be my day to fix that little issue.  I was in a mood!  Christmas makes me feel slightly out of control, so this is my way to control something that is in my control- if you get what I mean.  MORE discoveries were made!!!  I really need to check my lottery numbers.  These discoveries **might** have involved 2 envelopes of cash, one of which was me putting away a few dollars a week equaling the approximate amount of money I save by not drinking soda.  Yeah, I forgot to do that after a few months, but what an awesome surprise that was!!  I am not sure what to do with it yet, but it is safe for now.  AND I cleared my dresser of clothing that is TOO BIG!!!  No reason to keep it!  YAY!!

SPEAKING of safe- ugh- I also found chocolate this weekend, from which I am never safe.  NEVER. I apparently am like a little chocolate addicted squirrel, stashing away chocolate here and there like nuts in a tree......  I must be stopped!  The back story here is that among other things I abruptly quit consuming in order to lose that final few pounds (besides sobcoffeesniff) (and tequila... tearsdrippingmelodramatically) was chocolate. (insert silent scream) I was on a self imposed BAN as I have no real control over it at times in my life....  I found some about 3 weeks ago when I was cleaning out my pantry of unwanted and outdated food items (dark chocolate with almonds), about 1.5 weeks ago when I was finishing my pantry job (Dove chocolate - 2 bags) and now tucked innocently away in a Target bag next to some Christmas items (Dark chocolate with seasalt).  You don't WANT to know what happened to the chocolate, I am relocating the last found item to the teachers lounge this morning for the Christmas treats day.  You will be happy to learn that this time no chocolate will be harmed. I will not be back to the elementary teachers lounge until long after the chocolate will have disappeared.  It is just better this way.  And I made an oath to not buy bags and huge bars of chocolate again!!!  I did not say I won't eat it again, I just can't have it in my house..... except for the MA's little bowl of milk chocolate, which I don't really like anyway. Uh.....  Hmmmm, he might have to be included in the moratorium as well.  We'll see how desperate I get.  I wonder how that is going to go over....  hehehe.

Anyway, it was a pretty productive weekend and I am happy to walk through most parts of my house feeling like I won't fall over stuff, and that is a JOY for me!

Until next time, be a joy giver, and make sure you try to talk some sense into your local and most favorite chocolate squirrel.  She might be going a little nutty (in dark chocolate of course!)

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