Sunday, December 16, 2012

An early Christmas present!! to me from me....

I will elaborate more on this later, but I found a marvelous gift to me from me yesterday!  It is a bundle of art supplies that I had purchased at the Art Convention 2 years ago!!  I had put them aside, as my house was in disarray from the bathroom and kitchen remodel, plus I had a Madrigal costume I was working on, and I was just beginning my journey into weightlifting, and so apparently I have not moved that little stack of stuff for 2 years.....  which is in itself interesting, disturbing and indicative of how my priorities have changed.  Hmmm.  I have to think about this.

But, hey, this is so cool and I am going to find one of my big sketch books and leave this stuff out so I use it more.  I get so much art at school that I neglect my own.  Except for my photography and this creative writing thing that I have taken up... also known as ramblings of a Mad-Art teacher!!  :)

Santa, you are a stealthy guy. Thanks for the art supplies!!  MWAH!!

Merry early Christmas! Apparently I have been very good this year!!!

Pencils pencils and more pencils.  Plus some awesome watercolor crayons and free stuff from the convention that is sort of out of the picture.
Until next time, hope you find an early Christmas present in an unexpected or unexplored place.  Life can be sneaky!!  And joyful

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