Monday, December 3, 2012

Tis the Season update....

For no good reason other than I like to hear myself talk, apparently, I feel the need to update my previous post.  I guess update isn't exactly right, since I am not editing my original post..... semantics.  Anywho, here is the progress I have made:

*Calendar issue- I got the calendar done- yay - and in fact got 2 done.... and in fact, one of them has shipped already!  Can you believe it??  I hope the one that is shipping is the one I have to send copies of hither and yon, because yon takes a long time to send.  HA!  I was going to do a Stone House Calendar, but think that a photo book might be a better idea..... I am still mulling that one over.

*Christmas decoration issues- this had uneven success.  I got the tree up- which is a good thing, and guess what!!!  I painted the stupid wall.  I am thrilled to say that I did not do one single moment of extra work, no blue tape, no take down the old curtain rod hangars (for now), there was no filling, there was no sanding.  There was only the - let's get these horrible splotches of green covered for crying out loud- painting.  And I managed to paint with out having any paint fall on the couch or my end table, or any other surface that I sort of like.  Now I need to procure some tinsel and the tree will be set.  Except of course for the presents under the tree, which need to be wrapped, or purchased online, which brings me to.....

*Buying gifts online issue- so yeah, the tree happened and we all knew I wouldn't have time to get online for gifts, now didn't we.  Now MAYBE tonight, but I won't be home for a while tonight.  I have this on my radar.  Speaking of on my radar, my favorite Christmas things are in boxes in the hall, so at least they are out at my disposal and not in a poorly lit hallway closet!

*The piles of stuff to be sorted issue was partially finished- I did get a bunch of things put away and stored in their proper place before the afternoon was completed.  A few more piles to go through, but I will have that taken care of over the next few days.  But at least I have 3 rooms mostly complete and that is a visual relief.

*The Madrigal thing resolved itself in an interesting way.  I consulted with Cat on what she was going to wear and we ended up having some fun outfits on.  Dresses are so enjoyable!  It was a great, entertaining evening and  the music and company of all sorts was lovely.  I was a little chilly, but I warmed up later on.

*So, this leads me to the last thing, while my carpal tunnel, numb hand issue has abated a little, I still had an interrupted night of sleep, not least of all caused by an alarm going off in the middle of the night- the radio alarm.  Who turns the alarm on without checking to see what time the alarm is set???  **big frowny face!**  And then I was sleepy but not relaxed, and I got a little cold and then I had weird dreams and you get the picture.  I was awake by 3:45, layed there until 4 and did indeed watch the season finale of Boardwalk Empire, and if you don't watch that show, honey, you need to do it.  AWESOME!!!

So, you might ask, did I indeed recover my good attitude?- meh.  Kinda, but I am seriously lacking in sunshine right now, it has been about 5 or 6 days since I've seen the sun and it is bumming me out.  Someone send me a sunny day, asap.  I really don't care what the temperature is.....  But I have to continue on and find some joy in this foggy day!  Until next time, bring the joy out, even if was last seen in a pile of stuff to be sorted.... or under a table..... or in the sun!  ;)

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  1. Glad to hear of the painting of the wall! So glad to know I am not the only one out there with some weird wall just not painted the correct color or repainted to cover repair work that was done probably an age ago.

    Sorry to hear about the carpal thing. Something that I became aware of was that I tend to clench my hand (in fists, sounds like anger issues, but really not) when I am tense and go to bed. It was bringing on carpal tunnel sorts of pains. When I self-talked to relax(!) when you go to bed, it got better. Wrapping of course helps, too, especially when painting or repetitive moving.