Tuesday, December 4, 2012

grateful for....

Randomness has reared it's head again-

I am grateful-

**that I noticed I had the chili powder instead of the cinnamon before applying to oatmeal (note to self- move the chili powder)

**that I had 5 minutes to clean out a woefully neglected drawer that I opened to find a cover for said bowl of oatmeal and half the drawer's contents leaked out the side.  Found things that I forgot I had..... plus a lego block that must have fallen out of a black hole or something.  Yay for non-leaky drawers.

**that I have a nice lunch in my lunchbag that I froze last week!  #problemsolved  that is the lunch that got frozen, not the lunchbag..... I might be missing a comma in that sentence, or maybe the structure needs to be rearranged..... or maybe I will just ignore that whole thing.

**that I am a victim of random blog posting because of LACK OF COFFEE!!!!!!  oh wait, I am not grateful for that at all......

**I'd be grateful if random words and phrases wouldn't stick in my mind at 6 am- why would  I have the phrase "into perpetuity" in my brain?  Seriously, it is like a song lyric that won't go away.  I wonder about me sometime.  I think I will need to use it in a sentence to make it go away.  #goalfortheday


** I am most grateful that I can find humor and a blog post in ridiculous morning brain fogginess.  And that is one way to find some joy

#incaseyouhaventnoticed- I have been on twitter more lately!  Bahahahaha- explains the ironic hashtags, eh?

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