Sunday, January 6, 2013

P of D and a few other little things

This is the REALLY cool pic that I came across first!!  LOVE!!

I have a hard time keeping track of things sometimes!  I was SOO excited to find this awesome pic on my camera last night, this crazy thing was way better than I thought it would be!  It seems to be the perfect hit of color, texture, composition and everything!  I DID NOTHING- not one thing to this picture.  I frequently will crop or adjust the shadows a little lighter or something and this was fresh off the SD card. Anyway, keeping track- this is my 5th Photo of the Day.  I was sitting here debating if I had done 4 or 5 of them, and had to go look at my stats for heavens sakes.  I guess it really doesn't matter, but that sort of thing can bug me.  I am also on day 10 of another (looong) challenge, and that is a massive success so far!  woo HOO!

This is the second one- I love the composition!  Can't decide which is better- one of these is getting sent to channel 9!

There are a few little annoyances this morning that are on my mind.  Nothing major, and it is after all just life- pain and suffering!!  hehe.  I tried to get onto the loseit website this morning and it literally is freaking out!!  It kept almost loading and then it would revert back to the loading screen and it flipped back and forth like 20 times in 15 seconds.  So strange. I tweeted to loseit support - I hope they can do something there!  Oh well.

I have overdone my walking, somehow, and I have some major shin pain and even in the tendons and things in the backs of my legs!  Now you tell me HOW I could have done that??  I have not slowed down my walking really.  It happened when I did that 10 mile walk on Dec. 31 after finally getting back from all that Christmas celebrating, and of course I had tons of energy so was walking the first half of that at a sub 15 minute pace...... hmmmm.  Anyway, I am limping around like an old arthritic person.  I hope it abates by later today!  I think I will do a slowish walk only to the stone house just to keep active.  I have plenty to do in the house today, so I can rest a bit.  At least it is not my knees!  sigh

Related to all that, I tried to weigh myself this morning and my scale has a low battery.  Again.  SERIOUSLY, I do not know how the batteries can go so fast.  I swear I do not hop on that thing everytime I walk past.  In fact it gets a lot LOT less use now that I am maintaining!  Maybe it is lonely and the life is getting sucked out of it in it's depression....  doubtful.  I was too lazy to replace them, as I think because of afore mentioned leg issues, I will be a little heavy anyway. Eh.  I'll work on that.

And one more stupid thing- coffee.  I am super sensitive to caffeine again lately.  ARGH!! Really all I want to do is bathe my brain in caffeine all morning and then I promise I will stop.  AND because I had all but quit drinking it for a few weeks, it just doesn't taste very good anymore.  I can't TELL you the injustice I feel!!!  It was one of my last (and almost my favorite) vice!  I, even this morning, really can't finish drinking this cup that I have.  It just doesn't taste as good as usual.  ANOTHER sigh.  I'm on the lookout for a new vice!  :)  Actually I need to work on my chocolate vice.  I had planned to break my sugar addiction by not eating it for a while, but THAT is one challenge I have failed at miserably. Mostly because I challenged just myself and didn't actually make it official!  By telling someone I was going to or having that person goad me into it.....  well anyway, I am apparently not willing to do that at this time.  But I am inching closer to being way more sugar free.  Then I really will need a new vice!

OK!  Enough of that!  POSITIVES for the day!
* I have a new canoe tucked into the garden shed!!
* Babygirl is going to be born in 3 short months!!!  Even more reason to look forward to the end of tax season!  Tax season (it is my blog, I will digress) is an interesting time of the year.  On the one hand after long days of noisy children at school it is a relief to come home to a quiet house.  Not that the MA is all that noisy, but you know what I mean.  But by the time April comes I am about ready to crawl the walls!  I AM that little bundle of contradictions you know- I want quiet, but I need someone to talk to! And I NEED to go out by that time!  I am in need of adult entertainment and beverages that are not located within the confines of my refrigerator!  And God forbid, maybe a movie or something!!  I have great hopes and expectations, don't I?  I am not holding my breath for the last thing- remember it is spring then and we all know that **someone** just wants to run amok outside with chainsaws and rakes and garden shovels. We shall see.  sigh
*Back to positive - It is NOT -25 and shouldn't be for a while!  This is good for January
* I ROCKED my new arms weight program yesterday!!  So cool, even my biceps are sore today, so this is a win for me!! Looking forward to getting back to my 4 days routine again!
*I have time today to make some good food, clean a little bit, and do a project that I want to do.  Maybe even read!!

I have a list and I am going to attack it right after pancake sunday is taken care of!  And that is always a joy!  :)

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