Saturday, January 5, 2013

And sometimes when you least expect things!

I was lucky enough today to be able to purchase a CANOE!!!  

Now if you know me at all, or at least have known me since last summer, you know that I adore canoeing.  Ever since I returned from the Boundary waters last summer, I have been missing that past time badly.  We took the canoe we had borrowed back to it's rightful owners, and I have been without water transportation ever since.  Sad Debi.

I was in the right place at the right time (wow, that is saying something, considering where I was at the time-eesh) and a colleague of mine told me about a REALLY great canoe he had for sale. He had a need to lighten his load and knew that I might be interested!  So, after thinking about it for perhaps a minute and a half, I decided I probably would be getting this amazing deal, with some nice little perks thrown in. Like paddles and life jackets and good stuff like that. Later, after another meeting, a gym session and a phone call or two, the plans were made.

This morning, Dan shows up with this beauty!  FABULOUS!

It is pretty funny to see the canoe perched in the snow like that~

It is going to be tough to have to wait until May- but it isn't THAT long, right?

And that first launch will be a joy!  Anyone want to join me this summer??  I have an extra life jacket :)

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