Sunday, March 17, 2013

Daffodil watch, 2013

I think this is an exciting new addition to the Mad-Art Teachers Blog!  Daffodil watch!  I live for the days in the spring when my daffs are blooming.  I adore them and their little sunny selves with a passion that I hardly understand.  I have probably 15 - 20 different varieties of them, ranging from huge Alfred yellows to teensy little minis, whose names escape me in my tired delirium.  Minnows?  nope, um, I'll think of them.....  Anyway, lots of sizes and colors and assortments.  I know I have a bunch that need dividing, too, so that gives me a duty for the summer.  (HA!  I was actually right- Minnow is one kind, and Tete-a-tete and Sundisc)  whew!!

Anyway, this was spurred by a few incidents that have happened lately, the main one being that once again I missed the American Cancer Society's daffodil day..... for heavens sakes.  I know approximately when this happens, and yet every year I miss it.  So of course I happened on a lovely bouquet of them on the school secretary's desk and was immediately enthralled and frustrated.  Sigh. 

 The next thing is way good for me, as I have a lovely arrangement of spring flowering bulbs that have been growing for the past 4 weeks.  I got them from a sweetheart of a friend for Valentines Day.  YAY.  Anyway, I have had 2 different purple hyacinths bloom now, plus some gorgeous red tulips and just lately some orange ones, but this morning, hidden behind a tulip was this...... 

I gasped when I saw it.  Seriously, I need to buy myself some more, because I have been staring and sniffing this poor guy nonstop since this morning.

Just when the snow and cold becomes next to unbearable (or at least my whining about it does) then that little darling bundle of yellow peeks out at me.  YES!!!

Anyway, hidden underneath of this  white   is a huge assortment of my gorgeousness in yellow... and orange and pink and white and a touch of red........

I kinda dig this swirly pic on its own terms!

So here begins Daffodil watch 2013.  Expect weekly (at least) updates on the progress of said floral feats of delightfulness in yellow!

What a great way to anticipate some joy!!  

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