Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pic of the day!! and a few other things....

For being a bit of dreary afternoon- which as soon as I got my snow-covered self into the house was sunny again- I was out in the right place at the right time.  I sort of love this pic.  A perfect combination of clouds, sun, white, dark, shadows and light.

Sun and shadows and snow

To review yesterday's post-

I accomplished most everything and then some! This is awesome.  Today I should be able to mostly do what I want, but I need to take in Dorothy's dress.... something I didn't realize I had promised to do.  which is ok, since I adore the Dorothy in question (Rachel) and have known her all of her life.

I am weirdly sore today from BEAST MODE weight lifting.  I hit my back muscles hard,  which  is unusual, since I always do my chest workout first in the week.  It was a weird week, so I decided to change things up.  It is a strange feeling having the back all stiff and sore and not the chest.  Usually I am so sore from benchpress I don't notice my back at all.. Interesting sensation.  I am looking forward to balancing it out this morning!

So I got a little cooking done and a little (a LOT OF) laundry, but did not get the card table. It is weird trying to live without a table to eat at and a couch to plunk down on......  But it is temporary and I can put up with a lot temporarily.  Actually I can put up with a lot, long term!  Lol, hence the ugly carpet and paneling.  I am going to work on the card table next!

Anyway, now that I am over my morning feel-sorry-for-Debi fest (mornings kill me, I am always doubting myself and wondering why)  look out at the sun rising and am hoping for a great, relaxing day, because it will be a few days before that happens again.

An added job for the day is to choose a paint color, so I need to do some looking and thinking and google some images of wood floors......  I'll keep you posted on this color the walls thing.  and I am really thinking that the front room is going to need to be painted too, in a few weeks.  I'm seeing a blue-grey perhaps!

So, it is pancake day, and time to get the MA up, who went through one of his can't sleep nights last night, which of course resulted in me being able to use all 4 pillows to make myself comfy (**grins guiltily**) and sleep for at least 3 hours very deeply and contentedly.  AHHHHHHH!!!  I have to imagine that he was playing bejeweled blitz last night, as there is no tv--- as you all know.

I think I should send this pic to Justin on channel 9- even though I won't be seeing the picture, which really is unfortunate.  But oh well, it's all temporary........ she keeps telling herself!

Life really is a good, enjoy the ride everyone!!  And find your joy whether the driver or just along for the trip.

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