Thursday, March 28, 2013

Final empty room update! WOO HOO!!!

I am thrilled to report my room is as done as Joe is going to be contributing.  I need to finish my arch- a little more fill, sanding and then painting.  I need to do that today, as I want SOMETHING totally done!!  And the elusive Mike is coming later to help me move furniture in!! (Mad-Art teacher jumps up and down with glee!!)  I have, for your information, partaken of my morning coffee in the livingroom, parked on the floor on my new area rug!  I am absolutely like that!!  

This is what I came home to from my shopping trip yesterday:

Lovely glow
 I totally realize this picture is darkish and crooked, but I don't care.  I walked through the kitchen to get a first look at this!!  I practically purred.

Front room angle

Kitchen angle, right

Kitchen angle, left

Hallway angle, crooked

window angle

Window angle, right

Window angle, left

If I would have been able to get a slightly darker poly/stain combo, I would have

Later today or tomorrow I will be posting a synopsis, time line kind of thing, using one of my angles.  Looking forward to that, I think that is going to take some time, though!!  :)  All my posts do, but this one might take some extra.

But that will give me a lot of joy!!

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  1. It's always exciting to refill a room ... love, love, love the arches and the hardwood floors!
    Great pic of you too!
    'love & hugs from afar'